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A London company supporting the industry

UK Global Commodities Ltd is a London company that provides support for industrial infrastructure in the form of commodity procurement services, competitive product supplies, tailor-made delivery solutions and financial credit facilities. Our main assets include a multilingual team, links to suppliers spread across the globe and a level of personalised attention that is second to none. Our products can help a wide range of industries and we are always seeking to extend our portfolio. For more information, contact us today on +44 (0)20 8371 8800 or email



We can supply a wide range of products to assist the metal industry. Our core product list includes Lead, Lead Alloys, Tin and Steel, as well as Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and Ferroalloys in various different formats. Should you wish to have further information, please call us today on +44 (0)20 8371 8800 or email to discuss your businesses needs.

Raw Materials

We can supply the necessary quality and quantity of commodities such as Cement, Pig Iron, Chromite Sand and Granalla, as well as Calcined Bauxite, Magnesite and Chamotte. If you need to purchase chemicals, construction materials or tools for your processing plants and industrial operations, call us. 

Petrochemical/Oil Industries

We can supply a comprehensive range of equipment for the petrochemical and oil industries with a focus on 'down-stream' processes. We offer a reliable source of essential products including Pipes, Pumps and Machinery as well as Lift Oil, Valves and Compressors. Our aim is to help you reduce down time to a bare minimum and help you achieve maximum efficiency.



Our agro-industrial supplies include crushing and refining equipment, as well as chains for the sugar industry. For cigar and tobacco industry we can provide knives, tools machineries. We supply processing machines for coffee and cocoa beans. If you are in need of machinery for rice, wheat and grains, as well as nails, machetes, spares, tools and rodenticides, call us.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

We have a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical equipment and hospital supplies available such as disposable products like gloves and costumes for a range of uses including oncology. We also supply medicines, reagents and vascular implant materials as well as chemicals, raw materials and spares. Contact us today to secure a dependable and cost effective supply chain.

Laboratory & Research

If your labs or clean rooms need coveralls, gloves, shoes, face masks, googles and hoods, you should contact UK Global Commodities. We can offer supplies of instruments, glassware and plastic ware, as well as chemical reagents, antibodies and cell cultures. Form water treatment equipment and instruments to all kinds of spares, we can supply them all.